Where To Buy Lighted Knocks For Parker Crossbows

Can I use Half moon nocks with my Parker crossbow?

You should be fine with moon nocks in a Parker. If you feel more comfortable with a nock that has a deeper throat then a moon nock, looks at TenPoints new Alpha nock. They should work great in Parkers.

What bolts will work with Parker crossbow?

Black Eagle Zombie Slayer and Executioner work well in Parker Crossbows. They come as shafts or as fletched and capture knocks, press fit. So you can change to lighted knocks if you desire them. Both are excellent bolts.

Are lighted nocks worth it for crossbow?

No matter if you prefer Lumenoks (left) or Nockturnals (right), lighted nocks provide plenty of benefits in the field and are certainly well-worth the expense. A: Thanks for your e-mail question. The answer is, yes, lighted nocks are worth the investment.

What arrows can I use for my Parker crossbow?

Parker strongly recommends that you use only arrows with capture nocks installed. Which by coincidence, only their brand of arrows have. Carbon Express makes the Red Hot brand for Parker. You can by some capture nocks and change out the nocks that are on the arrows that you just got.

Is Parker bows back in business?

“Parker Bows has made the difficult decision to cease operations. We have explored what we believe to be all possible options to continue operations in one form or another but to no avail.

Are Crescent and Half moon nocks the same?

No there is no difference in the two. Some call them half moon nocks and others call them moon nocks but they are they are same thing.

What is the weight of Parker crossbow bolts?

Tolerance: +/- . 004″. Mass Weight: 300 grains(w/o point).

Who makes red hot crossbow bolts?

Features of Parker Bows Red Hot Crossbow Bolts:

100% Wrapped carbon construction for extreme strength and durability.

How do I know my nock size?

Generally, proper nock fit is determined as follows- the arrow should be able to hang from the string in a vertical position without falling off under its own weight, but should separate from the string with a light tap on the string within 5-6 cm of the nock.

How long do lighted nocks stay lit?

Clean-Shot’s website notes the nocks will stay lit for 24 hours (continuous on time), but I found that time frame to be between 30 and 35 hours. A simple, easy-to-use and dependable lighted nock – that’s the Nock Out from Clean-Shot.

Do deer see lighted nocks?

no,at least the one that gets hit…..his little brother might see a light ,but it wouldn’t scare them…they more than likely see airplanes at night and tail lights….

How good are Parker Crossbows?

Summary. Overall the Parker Thunderhawk is a fine crossbow, especially for someone getting into shooting sports. The Perfect Storm package comes with absolutely everything you’ll need to get started shooting and hunting.

What are capture Nocks?

The capture nock.

The capture nock is a deeper variant of the moon nock. This will be a familiar nock to those shooters that have used compound vertical bows as the nock has a deeper groove that actually snaps onto the serving of the bow string.