Where Are Carbon Express Crossbows “Made”

What happened to Carbon Express crossbows?

Carbon Express, a company selling crossbows, bolts, arrows and archery accessories, has issued a recall of two of their ‘Blade’ model crossbows. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the crossbow can fire unexpectedly when the safety is engaged, posing a major injury hazard to the user or a bystander.

Is Carbon Express a good crossbow?

Thanks for reading our crossbow review of the Carbon Express Covert CX-2. This is a good crossbow, but the included scope and hard, long trigger pull definitely detract from the quality of the x-bow. I’d still recommend it, though, as long as you have strong hands and a good quality scope to replace the included scope.

Who bought out Carbon Express?

Wharton, N.J.-based Carbon Express has been acquired by Kenan Advantage Group (CCJ Top 250, No. 20), the largest tank truck transporter and logistics provider in North America.

Where are Carbon Express Arrows made?

Carbon Express are made in Korea, and they are also the largest manufacture of carbon arrows in the world. They work closely with the Korean national archers, who are probably the best target archers in the world.

Who bought Carbon Express crossbows?

of Flushing, Mich., which adds a number of complimentary market leading brands to the growing FeraDyne portfolio of companies including those in the Carbon Express®, Gorilla Gear and Eastman Outdoors® brands. FeraDyne has purchased Eastman Outdoors, whose brands include Carbon Express.

Where is Rocky Mountain crossbows made?

All Rocky Mountain crossbows are manufactured in the United States of America.

How fast does a Carbon Express Crossbow shoot?

Highlighted Features and Specifications: Speed: 390 fps.

What arrows are made in USA?

Easton Arrows Made in USA Since 1922

Since their introduction in 2004, AXIS arrows have emerged as the best all-around arrow for bowhunters looking for the most reliable results in taking down big game.

Are Carbon Express Arrows good?

Simply stated, Carbon Express arrows are proven to fly true and are as accurate as any carbon archery arrow on the market today. They’re also the only archery brand that now laser sorts its premium hunting carbon fiber arrow shafts to ensure all the carbon shaft arrows in a set have the same spine tolerance.

How much do pile driver bolts weigh?

The 20-inch Carbon Express Piledriver is as powerful as its name suggests. The bolt weighs 442 grains with a 100-grain field-tip or broadhead which is at the heavy end of the scale. The added weight, combined with an FOC of around 14%, make this bolt a bone crusher – perfect for hunting heavy game.

Are Black Eagle arrows Made in USA?

Black Eagle and every other carbon arrow except the easton Axis and arrow dynamics come for either china or some other Asian country. There are a number of reasons, first to build a carbon arrow in the USA a manufacture except easton would have to buy from other manufactures.

Are Gold Tip arrows made in the USA?

Gold tip arrow factory is in Orem Utah. Been there, and know the guys personally. Same with Easton, being in Salt Lake. Both are made IN AMERICA.

Are Sirius arrows Made in USA?

Sirius is based out of Kentucky. All their inserts are American made by. Veteran owned company too. All their employees are American.