What Spine Deflection Should I Have For My #50 Recurve Bow

How do I know what spine arrow to use?

The first variable you need to look at is draw weight. As draw weight increases, so should arrow rigidity (spine). Also, we strongly recommend that you use an arrow with at least 5 grains of weight per pound or draw weight (if you are shooting a 60 lb. bow, you should use and arrow of not less than 300 grains).

What poundage is a 400 spine arrow good for?

That’s why Gold Tip recommends the 400 spine for a 27-inch arrow shot at 60 pounds, as compared to the 340 at 30 inches. Understand that the manufacturers’ charts refer to arrow length, not draw length.

What are 300 spine arrows used for?

Spine 300 arrows, suitable for draw weight 50-60lbs recurve bow and compound bow.

What does 250 spine mean in arrows?

The higher the number (400 spine), the softer, or more flexible arrow. The lower number (250 spine) is a stiffer, or less flexible arrow.

What happens if arrow spine is too stiff?

Shooting an arrow that is not stiff enough, or a group of arrows that vary in stiffness, will cause you to be less accurate. An under-spined arrow will veer right, while an arrow that is too stiff will favor slightly left.

What spine arrow do I need for 80 pound bow?

300 spine arrow would work, but if you wanted even more weight you could put in a brass insert and gain some weight.

What spine arrow should I shoot at 70 lbs?

You can shoot every spine at 70# if your arrow weight at least 350 grains. It will be safe, but if the spine is not the correct, it will not fly as it should…

What arrows should I use for 70lb bow?

For our purposes, a lightweight arrow will be one that has a finished weight of between 5 and 6 ½ grains per pound of your bow’s maximum draw force. For example, a lightweight arrow for a 70-pound bow would have a finished weight (including broadhead) between 350 and 455 grains.

Are 340 or 400 arrows heavier?

If you want heavy then go with the stiffer 340.

How long should my arrow be for a 28 inch draw?

So if your draw length is 28″, you should be using arrows that are between 29 and 30 inches long.

How long should my arrows be for a 29 inch draw?

it depends on the arrows you choose, you need at least 1/4″ of arrow overhang on the rest. so you can probably shoot an arrow that’s about 28 1/4 for rests that are set up normally. and go all the way up to full length 36″ arrows for indoor. i would suggest 1″ of overhang on your rest.

Are Heavier arrows more accurate?

No.. the weight of an arrow has no effect on accuracy. as long as the arrow is tuned to the bow and the bow is in tune.

What arrows for a 70 pound bow?

A 350 grain arrow (the minimum weight recommended for a 70lb compound bow) moving at 320 feet per second (fps) has a kinetic energy of 79.57 ft-lbs and a momentum of .

How do you tell what length arrows you need?

The standard way to measure arrow length is from the back of the point to the throat of the nock. Your draw length and arrow spine will influence your arrow length. If you’re a 28-inch draw length and want an arrow that ends at the front of the riser, your arrow length would be around 27 inches.

What grain arrow should I shoot for deer?

Under most deer hunting conditions a heavyweight arrow in the 8 to 9 grains per pound range is a fine choice producing arrow speeds in the 220 to 235 fps range. If the shot distance may approach 30 yards then a mid-weight, full-length arrow pushing a medium sized broadhead is the best choice.

What does 500 spine mean in arrows?

“Spine” is the measurement of the arrow’s flex or bend. Arrow shafts are sorted by spine measurements, and manufacturers designate them with a number. You’ll find the spine number on the arrow’s label. Some common numbers are 350, 400, 500 and 600, but they vary by manufacturer.