What Length String For 62 Inch Recurve Bow

How long should a string be for a 62 inch recurve bow?

It should be noted in the description that 62″ is not the actual length of the bowstring. It is 58″, intended for a 62″ bow.

What size string do I need for a 60 inch recurve bow?

ATA Specs say that a bow should be properly braced with a string that measures 3″ shorter than the bow. So if a bow is 60″ is should be braced properly with a string measuring 57″ under 100 lbs of tension after 20 seconds.

How long of a string do I need for my recurve bow?

For a recurve bow your string length should be about 3.5″ shorter than your bow length. Hence, if you are using a 68″ bow, your string length should be about 64.5″.

How long should a 64 inch bow string be?

This 64″ Bow String will suit any recurve bow measuring 64″ AMO length. The Strings actual length is 60″.

How far can a 25 pound recurve bow shoot?

What Can You Do With 25# to 30# Recurve? Contrary to what most people think, a 30 or even a 25 lbs. draw weight is more than enough for recreational target practice. If you have the aim for it and your form is on point, you can successfully hit a target from 60 or even 70 yards away with this kind of draw weight.

What is the best string for a recurve bow?

Most recurve archers use DynaFLIGHT 97, BCY 8125, or BCY-X – basically a durable string with very few fibers for increased arrow speed.

Do you twist a recurve bow string?

When re-twisting to achieve correct brace height, be sure to twist in the direction that tightens the center serving. You can determine this immediately on an un-tensioned string simply by grasping each end of the served area between thumb and forefinger, and twisting.

How many strands should a recurve bow string have?

Strand Count

What we consider normal on a high end recurve string in BCY is anything from 14 to 18 strands but when compared to 8190 that 18 strand string would be the equivalent of 24 strands.

Can you over twist a bow string?

You can twist/untwist too much. If the string starts to appear ‘knotted’ you know you went too far. Most of the times the servings will unravel if twisted or untwisted too much as well.

What does Amo mean on a recurve bow?

AMO stands for Archery Manufacturers Organisation. This is the method where a measurement is taken between the groove of the nock and the front end of the shaft.

What size bow should I get for my height?

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How do I measure my draw length?

First, find a measuring tape and someone to help you. Next, stand up straight and spread your arms out wide. Hold that position while your helper takes a measurement of your wingspan between the fingertips of your middle fingers. Finally, take that measurement and divide by 2.5 to determine your proper draw length.

How do you measure a recurve bow?

ANSWER: The easiest way to measure the length of your traditional bow is to start at the string groove, follow the curvature of the limb along the belly side of the bow, across the riser area, and follow the curvature of the other limb to the other string groove. This will give you the a.m.o. bow length.