How To Shoot An Arrow With A Recurve Bow

Can I use any arrow with recurve bow?

Selecting your first set of arrows for your recurve bow can be confusing, given all the components and fletching on the market. Even so, most such items are meant for compound bows, and won’t work for most recurve archers. Make your own arrows!

How do you aim a recurve?

While instinctively shooting, you don’t intentionally “aim” at the target. Instead, you focus on the area that you want your arrow to hit. You then raise your bow, draw and shoot. An archer will do all of this while maintaining intense focus on the intended target.

How do you aim a recurve without sight?

Draw the string to the corner of your mouth.

This is called an anchor point and while archers with a sight draw to their jaw, you should touch your index/middle finger to the corner of your mouth. This brings the arrow closer to your eye and allows you to aim with greater accuracy.

Is a recurve bow good for beginners?

As a beginner, recurve bows are easy to simply pick up and shoot. There’s less equipment, less technical details, and most people are generally familiar enough to quickly get started. Beginner recurve bows are also great to use while perfecting your form and technique.

How far can a recurve bow shoot accurately?

The accurate range for target shooting for the recurve bow is between 60 to 100 yards. For hunting, the effective range of the recurve bow is somewhere between 20 yards and 40 yards, depending on the draw weight of the bow and the archer’s competency.

How do you aim instinctively with a bow?

Gap Shooting. The first style of instinctive archery is gap shooting, where you line the point of the arrow up with the target and judge distance. Basically, you learn over several practice shots where your ideal range is, this is the range where you’ll hit the target perfectly while aiming directly at it.

Why do my arrows go into the target at an angle?

If the arrow flies at an angle, something’s out of whack, and accuracy suffers. First check to ensure you’re shooting an arrow with the correct spine for your bow. Arrow “spine” is its stiffness. The higher your bow’s draw weight, the stiffer the arrow’s spine should be.

What kind of fletching do you use for a recurve bow?

Bohning’s 2” Air Vanes, 1.5” X Vanes and 1.75” X Vanes are very popular fletching choices for recurve target shooting. They’re tough enough to survive a pass-through without tearing, and the low profile gives you plenty of clearance for the clicker and riser. Like all Bohning vanes, the Air and X Vanes are no-prep.

Are recurve arrows different?

So, recurve arrows are skinnier, to handle lower draw weight at full draw, and compound arrows are larger diameter cuz most compound folks shoot more draw weight than recurve folks. 500 spine refers to 0.500 inches, meaning that your arrows BEND 0.500 inches in the arrow stiffness testing machine.

Can you shoot aluminum arrows with a recurve bow?

The three common types of arrow shaft material include carbon (including composite carbon/aluminum shafts), aluminum and wood. You can use almost any type of material with, for example, a recurve bow, but you will definitely get better results if the arrow matches the round you want to shoot.

Why do my arrows fishtail?

If you are not releasing clean, and following through the same each time, you will get arrows that appear to fishtail their way to the target…

Where do you anchor a recurve bow?

A typical anchor point for barebow archers is to press their index finger to the corner of their mouth or on the canine tooth. Some archers choose a higher anchor point, which helps them aim with the tip of their arrow. An example is to touch your middle or ring finger to your canine tooth.

Where do you aim with a bow?

To aim a bow with a sight, you aim the sight pin in the center of the target. If your bow is configured correctly and you keep the right form the arrow should hit the center of the target. Don’t try to force the sight pin in the center of the target. Instead, let the sight pin float.

When shooting a bow Do you focus on the pin or target?

There are basically two ways to aim: You can focus on the target, or on the sight pin. There is no right or wrong way to do it.