How To Restore Old Recurve Bow

How long do recurve bows last?

A well made recurve bow can last a long time, there are recurve bows that still shoot and remain in good condition after five decades of use. If you take good care of a recurve bow it can last 20 years or more with proper storage and maintenance.

How long can you leave your recurve strung?

The best practice is to unstring your wooden recurve bow or longbow after you’re finished shooting. Modern recurve and longbows made from synthetic materials can be left strung for up to 3 weeks, but should be unstrung for long-term storage. Compound bows can be left strung indefinitely.

Are old bows worth anything?

Certain things – like a fine wine – get better with age. Others – such as classic firearms – have intrinsic value with their historical significance. Bows, however, generally don’t keep their value well – if not in function, then in price.

Can you refinish a bow?

When a refurb is in order, we can do a partial refinish (limbs or handle only) or provide a full bow (tip-to-tip) restoration. While we cannot remove deep gouges (such as those venturing into the limb fiberglass), we can most often restore your bow to a near-new appearance – right down to fresh silkscreens.

Do recurve bows lose power over time?

The notion that compound bows lose power over time is a misconception of what’s actually happening, as they don’t lose power from aging or too much time on the range. Either with repeated use or minimal activity, you may find that your bowstring may lose some tension, or it may need to be replaced altogether.

Does it hurt to leave a recurve bow strung?

That is, unless your bow is fiberglass. If you have a fiberglass bow, it doesn’t hurt it to leave it strung all the time. But if your bow uses natural materials on the back and belly, you need to unstring it when it’s not in use. The reason is because natural materials deteriorate over time.

Is it OK to store a recurve bow with the string on?

The best way to hang a recurve bow safely is to use a dedicated bow rack. Always store the bow laterally, making sure not to hang it by the string. Instead, always hang the bow by the body – the part you grip with your hand when shooting.

Can you dry fire a recurve bow?

Dry firing a crossbow, compound bow, or recurve bow could cause a literal explosion! Plastic or wood parts flying through the air, metal pieces becoming shrapnel, and a tightly coiled string lashing back at your face—these are real possibilities as a result of a dry fired bow.

How much is my used bow worth?

The average price for a used compound bow is usually somewhere between $200 to $400. However, the total value will depend on several factors, including the condition of the bow and the specific make and model. Making sure that your bow is in good condition can help you get a higher price.

What are bows slang?

But slang meaning of a bow is ‘female genitalia’.

Are new bows more accurate?

New bows are faster, easier to shoot, and more accurate and efficient. Plus, they have good let-off and outstanding forgiveness.”

Do bow limbs wear out?

A bow is a mechanical device that endures wear over time, and no bow part sustains more significant wear than the bowstring. Bowstrings on recurves and compounds need constant maintenance, and eventually require replacement.

How often should you buy a new hunting bow?

Most pro shops and manufacturers recommend changing these out every two years. These are under a ton of pressure constantly without you even shooting the bow. If it has been two years or the shop notices some serious wear and tear, change them out.

When should I replace my bow limbs?

Like everyone else said, no reason to change limbs unless you want a different draw weight range or if they are damaged. I usually tell people that if you shoot often, change your strings every 2-3 years for performance, and every 3-4 years for safety.

How often should you replace a compound bow?

On average, it’s best to replace your compound bowstrings every 2-3 years. Be sure to check out the complete line of bowstrings from ABB, as well as the products to help maintain them, at