How Can I Tell If A Recurve Bow Riser Is Cut Past Center

Is the Samick Sage Center Cut?

The Sage is cut past center, i.e., a centershot bow. Because the past center cut makes room, you can use an adjustable rest/plunger combo or plate build out.

What is center cut on a bow?

The word “center” refers to the centerline of the bow. Find the horizontal centerline of the riser and you will be able to determine how much past center the riser is cut.

What is a center shot riser?

Center shot is where riser, limbs and string are lined up together when using the exact perpendicular line of the arrow as datum. This means the sight window and side plate clears the arrow when set up as described.

How long should a recurve riser be?

The standard riser size is a 25 inch riser. If you combine this with the length of the limbs you will get the bow length. A long limb with a standard (25 inch) riser will give you a 70 inch bow. A medium pair of limbs will give you a 68″ bow, and a short pair of limbs will give you a 66″ bow.

Can you hunt with Samick Sage?

I can recommend the Samick Sage as a cheap way to get into traditional archery and a good enough bow to hunt with as well. Extra limbs are readily available if you want to get lower poundage limbs to start with and switch to heavier limbs for hunting.

Is Galaxy sage and Samick Sage the same?

Lowered expectations. Been discontinued under the name “Samick”, now branded as “Galaxy” Sage.

How do you find the center cut of a recurve bow?

Re: Measuring Riser Center Cut

String the bow and hang it from a peg or something such that you can stand on the string side and sight align the string with the marks on the tape. While keeping the string aligned on the marks, you should be able to see how much the strike plate is cut shy of or past center.

How do you set the center shot on a recurve bow?

Setting the Centre Shot

The arrows trajectory will then be parallel to the bows “Median Plane” (a straight line from the String through centre of the bow to the target). And so for a right handed archer we set the aim of the arrow (centre shot) slightly off centre to the left (to the right for a LH archer).

Should arrow be perpendicular to string?

A loop saves wear and tear on your string, but make sure your release is not too long for the loss of draw length. When your bow is drawn, you want to have your arrow resting at a 90 degree angle to the string.

How do you measure a bow center shot?

To find the center shot, first paint a small strip of the limb with correction fluid or a piece of masking tape just above where the limb meets the riser. Measure the limb and place a small vertical mark at the center of the limb. Make another mark 3/16 inch to the left of center (for right-handed shooters).

Where do you measure Centershot?

And to the OP’s question, when measuring for centershot it is from the riser to the CENTER of the arrow shaft.

Can you mix and match risers and limbs?

If you use an iLF riser then yes you can mix and match limbs no problem.

How does riser length affect draw weight?

Most manufacturers use a 25-inch riser and measure the draw weight on their limbs at a 28-inch draw length. Limbs marked 42 pounds, for example, pull 42 pounds at a 28-inch draw length. The draw weight at shorter or longer draw lengths varies. In general you’ll gain 2 pounds for every inch you draw past 28 inches.